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Women & Girl Child Welfare

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Children’s identities and those of women are crucial to human society.Children are the future’s hope, and adult women are the ones who will create the next generation. As a result, they deserve the best treatment possible.Without a doubt, families and society are concerned for their welfare. But this is simply insufficient. Governments also design and carry out a range of welfare programmes for them in this regard.

About Women's Day

Celebrated worldwide on Women’s Day, women’s accomplishments in politics, the arts, economy, and society are honoured.IWD is not the exclusive responsibility of any one media outlet, government, NGO, charity, corporate, or academic institution.As well as holding competitions and games with prizes in cash and goods.

WOMEN WELFARE - Nirupeda Gramina Mahilalu

This programme is for the uneducated & backward women from interior villages. We have motivational sessions to help them understand & work towards:

  • Nutrition value of foods available in their region, especially for growing children.
  • Managing, coping & understanding issues of adolescent children.
  • Importance of education at every stage in a child’s life.


Objective of the programme - Educate the girl child to protect & stand up for herself.

2004 -“Girl Child Kit” a first of its kind, which contains a blanket, stationary, & personal care items was the first cause under this system & a contribution of INR 8000/- was collected.Books, school bags & stationery items are provided to encourage girl children to go to school. Group programmes are organised for parents of girl children to make them understand why they should encourage them to go to school.

From Survive To Thrive

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Prerana By Naina Jaiswal
Motivational programe conducted by Winners Foundation with support of Tennis player Naina Jaiswal to motivation in better studies and positive thoughts to the students of 8th, 9th and 10th school students at Badam Surendar Reddy gardens, Shankarpally, Rangareddy Dist.
Prerana By Gampa Nageshwar Rao
Prerana Programe by Gampa Nageshwar Rao(Physcologist & Motivator) for students of 10th class from 50 Govt & Private school SSC children from four mandal. The motivation programe for students who are in 10th standard for better education.
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