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Empowering people with disabilities: vital resources, support networks & skill- building for a more independent future.


Every child deserves a brighter future. We empower them with food, education, healthcare, and workshops to unlock their full potential.


A caring place for older people. In order to offer wellbeing and respect individuality, we provide housing, food, and medical treatment.


By providing a secure environment for homeless children, we support their mental, emotional, and physical health.



With a pledge to provide help for the utmost change, the sole aim of our NGO is to reach remote villages, and address the issues affecting living conditions & progress.

Be it disease with respect to the elderly or children, education, social issues, disaster relief or women’s well-being, the activities of the NGO are by Raghu Arikapudi well known as “Man with a Mission”. Raghu Arikapudi is the torch bearer for all programmes/projects.

Our help makes a difference

“Our mission is to make the” difference in the lives of the deprived. Our heart goes to the people living in dilapidated conditions in remote villages, who can only dream of help.

" Raghu Arikapudi Trust "

Our Vision

Raghu Arikapudi, have always dedicated to fostering a culture of help and kindness. With a vision for a brighter future, the trust aims to make a positive impact in communities by providing assistance to those in need. Through various initiatives, Seva Trust promotes compassion and empathy, striving to create a world where everyone has access to essential resources and support. Join us in our mission to spread kindness and build a better tomorrow for all.

We Work For Both Collective & Individual Issues As The Need Arises.

Identify the distinctive problem

First the problem is identified, be it a collective one like a COVID, Fluorosis etc. or an individual farmer’s issue where 18 farmers were given cattle as their herd died in an electric accident

Raise money from different sources

Raising collective money has been Raghu’s practise since his beginning days in BDL. Contributions are collected from employees & NRIs in groups to facilitate sufficient funds.

Our Works

Donate & Become a ‘Winner’. Helping. Changing. Donate today for fulfilling our joint mission.
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Be a Volunteer & Become a ‘Winner’. Helping. Changing. Join Us today in our mission.
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Show you care & Become a ‘Winner’. Helping Changing. If there is someone who needs help, please reach out to us.
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