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Social Motivation

Goal - Provide Livelihood. Improve Well-Being

Objective Of The Programme - To Seek And Help Individuals To Alleviate Extreme Poverty

October 2012 Year and areas & 10,000 childrens number

Winners Foundation Team have been applauded by the District administrators and Politicians in multiple situations as they were the first responder in all the situations where the help is needed. Team has been commended by the people as “AAPADBANDHAVA”. In this programme the contributions are made to individuals who have faced tragedies & are at risk of vulnerability, due to social & economic influences.


  • Winners Foundation has provided support for 500+ Youth in career guidance, giving them the motivation for the sustenance and has also conducted many youth employment training centres.
  • Raghu & Team has established a training centre for unemployed women for self sustenance.
  • 35 families were identified and were assisted with small scale businesses like Kirana store, Hotels, Meeseva centre, Automobile shop, Wheel Chairs, Provisions, Blankets, etc.
  • From 2016, Raghu has been identifying individuals who have no livelihood. Until now he has provided 12 individuals with shops for their sustenance.
  • In Nalgonda where there are many families affected by fluoride, he has made all the necessary arrangements to provide them with shops.


  • Winners Foundation has donated more than 500+ Blind Sticks to the needy along with the sports and study Material in Braille language Specially designed for the visually impaired students.
  • Winners Foundation has donated more than 200+ Grocery kits for more than 200+ Families in Suraram Village for the Visually Impaired.
  • Winners Foundation has helped more than 20,000+ beneficiaries during the Natural disasters during the Covid, HUD and Warangal floods.
  • Winners Foundation has donated grocery kits for the needy, supported the families with food & other supplies & has also rebuilt houses for the homeless.

Women and Child Welfare

Informing the mothers about the importance of education in the life of the children, training the women in the aspects of life security for the widows, Non-discriminating against the girl child in upbringing,To identify the children in the middle stage of adolescence and young adulthood in rural areas and create awareness about the problems they face at that stage. 

From Survive To Thrive

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G. Tirupathi Reddy At Vikarabad District
Tirupathi Reddy is from a rural area of Vikarabad district. He had successfully finished his 10th Standard from Govt. School. Tirupathi had a dream of mountaineering and Mt. Everest was his aim. His father is an auto driver. He was very dejected that with his financial conditions he would not be able to achieve mountaineering. We took the full responsibility of sponsoring and fulfilled this young lad’s dream.
Sai Teja At Karimnagar
Sai Teja, a young scientist from Karimnagar, another 10th standard student had immense interest in technology. He was working on a project to invent something new. His financial conditions did not allow him to proceed. For the past 3 years Winners Foundaion team has supported him in all his inventions.
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