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Physically Handicapped

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When a condition affects a person’s physical capacity, mobility, stamina, or dexterity, they can be said to have a physical disability. The causes of physical disabilities vary greatly, and not every person with a specific condition leading to a disability has the same limitations. Regardless of the cause, a physical disability can affect a person’s capacity and mobility.It’s necessary to note that a disability can occur at any point in a person’s life; some are born with physical limitations, while others develop them as they age.

Blind People

Braille is a reading and writing system for blind and vision impaired people, made up of raised dots that can be ‘read’ by touch.The lack of emotional support at diagnosis centers, the limited accessibility to activities and information, the societal stigma and the lack of unemployment, are all factors frequently leading blind or low vision individuals in isolation.


We established this Ashramam with 3 rooms,50 people for the disabled in the year 2013. Up to now, we have assisted 10,000 people with mental health problems and physical disabilities.We gave away wheelchairs and body parts to a 1,000 people. With the help of Hope for Response, wheelchairs were provided to the physically challenged and artificial limbs to many others.  The target is to provide self-employment to 1000 disabled persons.

Physically Handicapped

Victims of Polio, Genetic issues, Accidents, Muscular disorders, Blind etc., are identified and they are provided with moral support & other life sustaining resources like wheelchairs, jobs, small businesses etc. They are given mental support, guidance to overcome trauma.

  • Winners Foundation has donated more than 500+ Blind Sticks to the needy along with the sports and study Material in Braille language Specially designed for the visually impaired students.
  • Winners Foundatione has donated more than 200+ Grocery kits for more than 200+ Families in Suraram Village for the Visually Impaired.
  • Winners Foundation has helped more than 20,000+ beneficiaries during the Natural disasters during the Covid, HUD and Warangal floods.

From Survive To Thrive

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Suresh Kumar, A Wheelchair Basketball Player At Hyderabad
Suresh Kumar is a national level championship holder in wheelchair basketball. Raghu read an article on the accomplishments of Suresh Kumar who was looking for supporters who can help with a higher grade, durable wheelchair which was required for extensive practice hours.
Chandrashekar At Nizampeta
Chandrashekar and family members who are physically handicapped very crudest situation to run their daily life. Winner Foundation got to know this in Sakshi newspaper article and soon they followed the address and met Chandrashekar and his family. The team was speechless and they started renovated the home for time being.
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